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    Ian Kelosky is a platinum-selling producer, songwriter, and artist. The past few years have seen Ian spending his DAYS in the studio producing music and helping artists get millions of streams, top the charts, sell hamburgers (really), and become radio regulars. His NIGHTS have been spent on stage, guitar in hand, singing songs, and bringing the party to thousands of people. Ian Kelosky hails from Pittsburgh, PA, USA, but now calls Prague, Czech Republic home. As a lifelong performer and musician, Ian wears many hats in the music biz. As a performer, Ian has had the good fortune to entertain people from all over Europe, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain, to exotic places like Youngstown, OH, and just about everywhere in between. In the studio as a creator and producer, Ian has created music for TV, movies, and major brands, and has helped fellow artists reach the charts, launch careers, resurrect careers, and reach millions of fans.

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