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    Genre-straddling, multi-instrumentalist Ian Harvey doesn't care much for being pigeon-holed or pinned down to one particular thing. That said, he has a penchant for hypnotic, organic electronica. He is self taught and plays piano, guitar, percussion & drums including the Irish bodhran but is known for playing mandolin and for vocals in his live work. He is one half of the acoustic duo, The Harvs, - the other half being his son Liam - who are celebrating their 26th year together. Ian is unsigned which allows him to follow whichever style takes his fancy next and has released albums which span orchestral techno to alternative electronic songs. He is regularly approached for remixing projects and also as a session player. Ian appears in abundance on 4 albums of remixes of the work of composer Gregor Narholz. Amongst his many influences, Ian counts Eno, Kiasmos, Jon Hopkins, Apparat, Bowie, Olafur Arnalds, Fever Ray & Woodkid in the highest regard although he can be found listening to various Americana artists, early Jazz like the King Oliver Band and holds many Classical pieces close to his heart inspired at an early age by stuff his Mum listened to whilst annoying his Dad by 'plonking' on a guitar constantly in his bedroom. "I kept at it and eventually my Dad got it and voiced his pride. That was a good moment." - Ian Harvey

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