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    Hovhannes Berberian is a professional rock and classical guitar player and songwriter who blends folk, rock and ethnic genres into his music. He was born and is currently living in Athens, Greece. His Armenian origins have influenced and have helped create his own music style. His first album ‘’The truth, what truth?’’ was released in 2015. A collection of soft rock and ethnic ballads that he composed music and lyrics for, sung by three male and female unique voices. His lyrics are inspired by personal experiences and his music is known to travel the soul. The songs that stand out from the album are ‘’Love’s a sweet’’ and ‘’With the time’’ for which he recently released his first music video. Hovhannes is currently working on his second album with 10 new songs due to be out in a couple of months. Hovhaness has collaborated with renowned Greek and Canadian artists and bands over the years with many successful live performances. He would love to invite you to listen to his music and hopes his music brings a pleasant note to your day.