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    London based musician and songwriter Herlander Freitas (A.k.a Kapa de Freitas) started making music as a teenager in the suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal, where he spent most of his life. Coming from an African family, music was something very present in his life, especially Angolan music which was the perfect backdrop for the family gatherings. Growing up in a heavy Hip Hop and Reggae scene (Herlander’s home town Moita is considered the Portuguese capital of Reggae Music) it was the intensity and rebellion of rock music that got him to pick up a guitar and start writing his first songs. Fast forward a few years and a few bands, and we find a man realising that all the music that made up the soundtrack of his early days has been building up inside, waiting to finally make it through to his music. H E R L ∆ N D E R is where it all comes together.