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    Hello :-) I'm Heidi, An Arabic singer living and working in Cairo, Egypt. My family is originally from Syria but I'm raised in Egypt. I grew up singing and I learned to play piano and oud. I studied with one of the most well known oud players in the world, Naseer Shamma, also playing in his orchestra in Cairo. I have been graduated from The Higher Institute Of Arabic Music. I have performed in various venues including the Light and Sound Theater at the pyramids in Cairo with Sphinx Symphony Orchestra, The Cairo Opera House, the Greek Campus at the AUC, Al Ghoury Palace and The Alexandrian Library Theatre. I've worked with some Choirs in Cairo, performing translated musical theater in Arabic. I'm offering my services as an Arabic vocalist. I can provide for you stellar and well performed improvised vocals in any Arabic or Oriental scale for your track. I've also studied Turkish scales which I find extra special. I will give you a few raw takes, unprocessed and uneffected for you to take and edit together and mix as you please. I can do this as a vocalize or also with lyrics. Whether you are looking for a beautiful texture to add to your track or a main vocal on your song, I'm your singer. We can create a beautiful fusion for your work. :-)

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