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    Born in Youngstown, Ohio traveled the world, and picked up sounds along the way. 1st stop Oakland, California. M.L.(Marcus McFarland), RoloR , Kennedy Lofton, Roddy Bo, Jaee Logan, Roger Sims, and too many more to name of the Bay Area top producers, still friends for over 20+ years Real, authentic. 2 of the best studios were nearby, "The Grill" and "Skyline", stayed true, and incorporated that sound from the motherland, (Yemen) real, authentic. created magic, Met a Jamaican friend with a studio (Raskidus), added Reggae & Arabic to that... more magic, 20+ years strong real. authentic. magic. Music heals. One life, one world, one love. I took my music to Yemen, and then war destroyed this beautiful country. It was my hidden paradise A.J. Hagage Masaed "Hajaj Abdulkowie Mazaed Mohsen El Hajaji."

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 Hip hop with an Arabian twist , a touch of FuNk, reggae.