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    Gwendolyn Collins made her mark in July 2014 with her debut CD, Storytelling Side I, The Simple Things reaching the number one spot on the UK Soul Charts and the UK Breaking Independent Artists Charts and remained in the chart for over 20 weeks. She delivers jazzy, funk soul treating her audiences to a effortless blend of genres, infused with her individual style of rich vocals and melodic harmonies. With a style and musicality that is rare in performers today, she delivers a throwback to real music with space, sass, sincerity and personality while showcasing her songwriting and production talents. Gwendolyn released her second album, Storytelling Side II, Moments4Love in October 2016 which reached the #3 spot on the UK Soul Charts. Gwendolyn is also the co-founder of Independent Harmony Entertainment, an independent support label as well as co-founder of the #Moments4love Movement which provides support through music to community outreach organizations as well as independent artists. In October 2016, Gwendolyn spear-headed the #Moments4Love UK Soul Sessions Tour featuring herself, Kenya Soul Singer, Kenya McGuire Johnson and Nialand. This SOLD-OUT event focused on independent artist collaboration and community fund-raising. To Gwendolyn's surprise, the show was nominated for 2016 Best Soul Show London by a well-known and reputable magazine Soul Survivors Magazine.