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    Defined by his raw passion for sharing his story through rhythm and lyrics, Lamont Duverne, (Gullie Lamont), hails from 818, CA. Experiencing a turbulent childhood, Gullie Lamont turned to music to escape his life’s obstacles. It was this escape that enabled him to develop his skills as a lyricist and at the young age of thirteen, it was evident that hip-hop would play a significant role in his life. After graduating from high school, Gullie Lamont decided it was time to get serious about his future. His graduation from Los Angeles Recording School supplied him with the tools and initiative to not only takes his career to the next level as a lyricist and artist but as a producer. While Gullie Lamont works with several other musicians and producers, he, alone, is solely responsible for the bulk of his repertoire doing everything from writing to producing and everything in between. Gullie Lamont is currently working on the "Its Only Right" Series. Chapter 25, 26, and 27 on to Pandora now.

 Don’t take it personally, take it seriously.