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    This is a one-man-show so I (Michael) represent the writing, editing, producing, engineering, instrument playing, and, male vocals for the band, "GROUNDGOD." My partner, and, wife Adriana is on all female vocals. I feel we specialize, and, shine the most in the studio versus live performances. We have so many songs we want to release, but, working full-time (in addition to the time it takes to make/engineer.produce a song) makes it a timely process for us. I would enjoy being signed on a label, and, being part of a writing team, and, write music for other musicians that do have the resources to distribute music to the world. That ,and/or, to get my music into a movie, commercial, or, video game. I have been told on many separate occasions that our piano music belongs in a movie for a particular sequence that would correspond, and, capture that mood. I also represent GROUNDGOD in the legal aspects of this endeavor as well like; paying for, and, acquiring licenses for a cover song, paying for, and, filing/acquiring my own copyright's, paying for, and, registering my own trademark for the name "GROUNDGOD." All of this can be obtained at our government's copyright, and, trademark offices respectively. But, no matter what happens, I can truly say that my wife, and, I are living the life and enjoying making music together. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to share this with such a beautiful person, and, vocalist. So I say a "special thanks" to all of our fans who have supported us thus far to help make this possible. You (the fans) provide the necessary energy needed to complete the cycle of love for music. You are THE BEST fans in the whole world.

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