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    Greg Gilroy has been a staple of the tri-state independent music scene since the early 90's, founding one of CT's premier rap-metal hybrids Product of Society which were signed to Mascot Records in Europe and toured with dozens of national acts within the US at such legendary places as CBGB, LimeLight, The Axis and many more. After playing bass performing background vocals with POS, Greg decided after the band called it quits to form the CT punk rock Trio Brady Bastards in 2005, moving to lead vocals and bass which was also signed to US label Sling Slang Records and released two albums with the label. By the end of 2014, after The Bradys ended which morphed into The Dalliance, Greg decided after years, even decades of unhealthy living to persue his own solo career, releasing his debut album HEAL in 2015 independently, cleaning up his act and losing over 70 pounds in the process. Now with the help of a group of musicians he's dubbed The Critically Ashamed Band, Greg will be performing as much as he can to support the new release.

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