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    Gogo Luke Smith is popularly known as Oboloprince Gls. Da Prince of Obolo. He is one of the best Actor, Movie Director, Editor, script writer, producer and a Singer who came from Andoni OBOLO, River State, which is in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria. Gogo luke smith has a great love for film and Entertainment, this made him to fully consider to study Digital film making in mapua institute of technology Manila Philippines. a Prospective bachelor of fine art in Digital cinema. Gogo luke smith is also an hard working young talented man full of vision and wisdom to handle project with deadlines. Gogo luke smith is a multi talented young follow who can survile under pressure and a great ricks taker . Gogo luke smith act and behaves like every other young men you can fine on the street but he is more of him self in terms of styles and action. more info Loading

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