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    The Zimbabwean creative has enjoyed a storied career that has seen him release 4 full projects and a number of quality singles in the last 9 years, yet he aims to keep pushing boundaries to redefine what a Zimbabwean musician can create. The music bug stung him at the tender age of 13 and he found himself mimicking his favorite rapper Bow Wow as well as learning how to produce music under the mentorship of eccentric hit making producer KnoxxaClay. 2010 saw him release his first project,The DOG Mixtape, which was well-received among his peers. In 2013 he returned with Calvary Assignment Mixtape. The following year would see him release Straight Mixtape with collaborator Joseph Diswal and move to North Cyprus, which would have a profound effect on his growth as an artist. After working on several collaborations and unfinished projects, The Handsome Tape 1 came in January 2017. After this came an interesting period where GtG underwent drastic changes that would lead him to explore alternative sound and move from a more conventional hip-hop sound to new sonic territory. The raps were still good but he'd built a new home for them, Neo Nziyo. His unique sound can be best described as a blend of Tuku music, hip hop and soul. Lyrically, he touches on poignant themes such as vulnerability, social commentary as well self-introspection on songs like Farai Zvenyu. He released his freshman album Motherland on Nov 23 2019.

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