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    Let's start with the name- Sulblk. I picked this name back in the days when dial-up internet was the only internet game in town- Sulblk is actually short for Sultry Black. I liked this one as a joke at first, then after awhile, I was just too lazy to try and think of anything else for the 'cable' internet email system. Back in the day, my drumming started off raw--one teacher/friend taught me on a drum pad and sticks--for speed while another friend taught me on a seven piece drum set mostly--jazz. My practice sessions consisted of Sly & the Family Stone-(I want to take you higher - Stand), Herbie Hancock- Chameleon and E.W.F- Sun Goddess, Isaac Hayes and War. My diverse nature in music made me appreciate the passion of different instruments and where they would fit into a song. As time grew I really enjoyed Phil Collins. But--as with anything else, life happens and what I thought was the start of a career ended. So I have started over--not with drums but software--a thousand tunes running through my head (it seems like)--testing the waters. As time moves forward--my hunger grows, my ears are focusing ---Stop-listen and think. My taste in music ranges from the 1960's to 2018, which includes country rap soul jazz and just about anything with a beat. Keep your head up and your heart strong.

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