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    Gligor Kondovski, born 28th April, 1980 in Tetovo, Macedonia. Graduated Music academy as a violin player. Graduated Faculty of drama arts – Film and tv directing on the State University in Tetovo, and he have Master of postgraduate studies – Film and Tv Screenplay on Faculty of Drama arts on the State University Kiril and Methodius in Skopje, Macedonia in a class of Prof. D – r Sasko Nasev. Working as violin teacher in a State Music School “ Todor Skalovski – Tetoec” in Tetovo, Macedonia. With student film “Never know” been on Mikorart festival in Belgrade. He made documentary movie “Do koga?” for local infrastructure problems in collaboration with Youth Educational Forum and EU Info center. Projections of short films through Youth Educational Forum and Documentary movie for Youth Educational Forum. He have two music albums “Crumbly secret” and “Flown letters”.

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