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    Thomas Frimpong, popularly known as Kelly Vee is one of the most influential and unique artist in the world who started his musical journey at age 6 in Kumasi, Ghana(West-Africa) and still very present and relevant in the Ghana Music Industry today. Hip-hop/Rap is defined as a culture rather than just a musical genre and in Ghana, Kelly Vee is synonymous with bringing ''Real" Hip-hop music to the forefront with his unique amalgamation of Hip-hop blended with Afro, Highlife, Hiplife and several other styles. Add to his trademark voice, innovative lines and perfect delivery, Kelly stands out as one of the most original entertainers around the world and also have songs with other artists international. Kelly Vee is looking forward to be the "Next Big Thing" for the world in his generation as a whole. #wofeellime!

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