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    The guitar-based virtuoso, Hybrid Intuition has etched a niche for himself within progressive guitar . He began as a member of the fresh out garage-band, Dove Slimme (where his guitar solos on "The Anthem" , "Leo and Leo" and "Identity" garnered national acclaim. He is also an accomplished guitarist having been featured on the popular counter culture website AFROPUNK, where he was mentioned as "The .....virtuoso nodding to metal legends like Kirk Hammett and Joe Satriani with odd bits of Van Halen effects-laden tapping thrown in for good measure. On tracks like 'Love and Anxiety', and the triumphant leads of 'Woolly Mammoth', Hybrid Actuary showcases his strong fretwork. Some songs like the appropriately titled 'Random guitar solo' are sketches in search of a vocalist, but even his rough outlines showcase a fresh talent worth watching. Check this out if you're a fan of instrumental guitar heroics." He is also stretching his composition by delving into the EDM space and will release EDM music that fuses all his experiences and passions into a new mind numbing genre . Stay tuned, don't blink and witness. Music Reborn -Hybrid Intuition

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