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    Geoff is an experienced guitarist from Stockport, Cheshire, UK. He has been gigging as a semi-pro musician with local blues, rock and pop bands since the age of sixteen. Geoff has played in many great bands over the years including; Eric & The Frantics, The Blues Widows, Jellyhead and, most recently, The Badgers. Since having his own, home studio built a few years ago, Geoff has worked with some of the best local talent in the Rock, Blues, Pop, Folk and Country fields. Geoff's trademark when composing and arranging is his catchy hooks and seductive riffs which permeate the music he makes, whether live or in the studio. His current collaboration with sensational vocalist, Rosanna Eastman, is proving to be a match made in heaven and both these multi-talented artists are thrilled with the initial results of their partnership.

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 Guitarist, musician, composer, arranger, producer, engineer, mixer, studio owner.