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    Gavin Kelly is a Signed Recording Artist with Mirror Image Records - Nashville, TN. Debut Album "Honolulu Blue" released July 2nd, 2011. Raised in Southern California ended up getting bit by the acting bug. He has been in numerous Musicals, TV shows to major motion pictures. Now Gavin Kelly is the star in Amazon's new Original Series called "The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown" He is joined by his sidekick, fiance Researcher, and Historian Paula Purcell. Together they scour the Nation in search of documenting proof of Life after Death. Season 1 released on Amazon Oct 31st, 2017. The public cries for more... Season 2 is currently in the Network Scouting process. We've have signed on to produce yet another TV show. It's called Truth or Legends in your Hometown. Pre-production started March 2019 and Filming Started August 3rd, 2019. The tentative release date for this show is May 2020. We have taken on numerous documentary projects as well as a movie contract. Lots of irons in the fire with us. Follow our Journey or learn more about the Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown -

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