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    “GARY Paul Simon SHAW” was given this name by music industry recording professionals, some who have toured with the likes of ELTON JOHN and other famous artists and were amazed by my diversity of writing styles and exclaimed, “WOW! … You are like a PAUL SIMON or a PAUL McCARTNEY!” “GARY Paul Simon SHAW” is a prolific International Singer Songwriter encapsulating an endless myriad of melodious masterpieces of many different writing styles! … “GARY Paul Simon SHAW” has an amazingly wide variety of UNIVERSAL and DIVERSE SONGWRITING STYLES … From POP to ROCK to GRUNGE to COUNTRY and even OPERA! … This is of course perfect for the Music Publishing Licensing Synchronization world! Displaying a slant towards both powerful emotive love songs and world changing environmentally sensitive songs, “GARY Paul Simon SHAW” is no one hit wonder! ... No “album fillers” here! ... EVERY Song is a unique and distinctive MEGA HIT! From the DAVID BOWIE style “SPACE COMMANDER” to the MICHAEL JACKSON style “UNITING SEA of LOVE” to the PINK FLOYD style “I’M LEFT to WONDER WHEN" to the TAYLOR SWIFT style "THE KEY" to the DOLLY PARTON style "SMILE SMILE SMILE" to the BEACH BOY style "CARIBBEAN TURTLE DANCE" and "TROPICAL LOVE" to the NEIL DIAMOND style "IT'S ALL BEEN SAID BEFORE," “GARY Paul Simon SHAW” is a classic songwriter in the timeless style of the World's Greatest Songwriters! “GARY Paul Simon SHAW” is a harmonious Blend of the Rhythmic PAUL SIMON and the Melodious PAUL McCARTNEY.... The “THINKING MAN’S” Songwriter … Gary's perennial INSTANT CLASSICS will live on forever and are perfect for the Music Publishing Licensing Synchronization world!