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    -Fulvio Di Nocera aka Fullow was born in Castellammare di Stabia (NA) Italy, in 1978. During his teenage years, he begins to study the electric bass, which will lead him to numerous live music and studio recording experiences in the following years with some of the most famous Neapolitan artists and projects. Later he continues and deepens his musical journey by devoting himself to studying the double bass. He enrolls at the Music Conservatory in Salerno and completes his Master's Degree in October 2011. His songwriting passion is always with him along the way. In the last few years he decides to shape and give a name to this vocation - Scapestro. In June 2018 his debut album, Shurhùq, comes out, produced by SoundFly and distributed by SELF. Among his passions also that of instrumental composition alias " Fullow".

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