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    Frederick Childs is an Artist who uses music to heal, inspire, enrich, provide a sonic getaway and foster enjoyment for himself and those in the the world around him. The aspect of "feel" is a very important element, as it is the foundation from which all efforts in his compositions and playing find their origin. Always humble and grateful for anyone that enjoys his work, it is often comments like those found at FrederickChilds.com, that illicit true inspiration. Thank you and enjoy! Helena Serbia May 1 2018 7:29 PM I really enjoy your music. It relax me. And keep feeling good. You have unique style. Just keep up with good notes Toiya Atlanta May 1 2018 5:34 PM I am a true fan of jazz music and I must say that Frederick Childs is truly talented and a joy to listen to!!! Jenn Jenn Atlanta Oct 13 2017 8:52 PM I thoroughly enjoyed each piece. I'd love to see a live concert. Beautiful music!! Karina Karina PCM Jun 16 2017 2:28 PM I truly enjoy this type of music. I highly recommend you listen to this for Father's Day. I have suffered from anxiety for years, and this is just the medicine!\ Awesome music! Steffan Trinidad Jun 14 2017 :01 AM I genuinely enjoyed every single track! Just press play, and go for the ride! Awesome music, a range of emotions, and well put together. James James Atlanta Jun 13 2017 9:00 PM Just wanted to say I can tell you put your soul into your gift. Really great music! Big Jim Big Jim Atlanta, GA Dec 2 2016 4:56 PM I just begun listen, and I'm already hearing several diverse influences: Stanley Clark, Miles Davis, Bruce Hornsby, and even a melodic nod to the Beatles. Lots of layers yet to be discovered. Brea Brea Atlanta Nov 22 2016 11:24 AM This is timeless music to be enjoyed in all occasions. Looking forward to hearing more! Ado Ado Croatia Oct 17 2016 2:47 PM Great music!!! I love to run for hours and finally I found something great to keep me going and helped me to enjoy my running! Kat Kat South Africa Sep 22 2016 8:16 PM You definitely need to get more exposure because this is exquisite music. The international jazz scene needs to have a piece of you. Keep producing more of this and hopefully you make it to South Africa.

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