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    I specialise in piano and composition, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of music. Since a young age i was intrigued by music and my musical career has led me to share this passion with young learners, as well as pursue my interests in composition. I look forwards to sharing my music and collaborations with forward thinking creatives and companies in the very near future. Please don´t hesitate in sending me any requests or requirements you may have. I enjoy a challenge and strive to produce non-generic and original music to the highest of standards. LIVE GRAND PIANO ACOUSTIC RECORDINGS AVAILABLE - set your projects apart form the masses! Should you want the REAL and beautiful sound of a carefully recorded Grand Piano (Kawai) i can tailor recordings to your need. I use NEVE 1073 pres paired with Coles 4038 ribbon mics to capture the warmth and sustain of this beautiful instrument. The piano is situated in a concert hall, in the quiet village of San Carlos, Ibiza, Spain. I am lucky enough to have access to this space, for practice and project work. Please contact me for further details.

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 Musician, composer and music educator