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    Francesco D’Andrea is a composer and music producer for cinema, television and video games. His works have been featured in many award winning feature films, TV series and advertising, including “The Big Bang Theory”, “House M.D.”, “Mad Men”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “SouthPark”, “Glee” and many more. Francesco also scored the original soundtrack of the awarded feature film “Spaghetti Story”, and his music works have been placed in many highly acclaimed and award winning movies promos (Magnum Ice Cream), video games (NASCAR HEAT 2 for Playstation/Xbox), film dvd and theatrical trailers, including “10,000 BC”, “Argo: Inside Story”, “Honey 2”, “Sin City”. He scored the music for several national and worldwide TV advertising campaigns, his clients including “Nestle”, “Fox”, “NBC”, “AMC”, “Nokia”.
 Francesco’s music have been heard in many american TV Shows such as “American Idol”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “River Monsters”, “Saturday Night Live”, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, “NBA, Action” and many more.

 Film and TV Composer