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    Francesca Gramegna a.k.a. Skyeez is an Italian singer/producer that started her career studying jazz vocal techniques. Her interest in technology and in trip-hop music totally changed her approach to composition, shifting her genre to synth-pop, electronica and nu-jazz. 
She also did some collaborations, such as Loris dj's "Looking for a Lullaby" (Votu Records) and Jordan Dee's "Back to me". During 2006 she started producing songs by herself, recording and mixing everything in her home-studio. In 2007 she moved to Rome, starting different collaboration with local artists and finally producing her first album, which has been released in 2009. 
Winner of the 2008 edition of Nokia Trends Lab Contest, she was also featured artist in 2009 for Radio Rai show "Demo", with Renato Marengo e Michel Pergolani. 
Skyeez' first album,"Blindsight", has been described as "sweet electronic, full of melody interrupted by elegant cut&paste drums" (rockit.it)

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