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    For some wearing many hats can be a problem, not for Foul Al the artist, music producer, business marketer and part time graphic designer. For Foul it is a way of life. Over 15 years of music experience can be heard through his work as he creatively weaves musical experiences that detail the ups and downs he faced in his own life. Born in the heart of Harlem, in Harlem Hospital but raised in the belly of Far Rockaway, NY, Al found his childhood surrounded by music. This fostered his love for the art and ingrained it in his blood.    Although if you studied his true bloodline you would find that music was in his blood from birth. With a mother that was a singer herself and a host of other family members that were music producers, singers, and DJ’s. All his life, Al has known he just wants to be where the music is.    Coming from Harlem and Far Rock, it was never a question weather or not Foul would be his own boss. It was inevitable. Which has birthed his passion to learn, build, and create. Now is the time that the product of his influences and determination comes forward. Al is all about being true to himself, having fun, and creating good memories, as can be seen by his social media bio. And I quote, “Emcee/Music Producer/Marketer I really enjoy long walks in the hood & veggie hero's from the bodega.” –Foul Al

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