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    Missouri Made Rapper/Producer TG has produced a good buzz for himself Lately. With a Handful of Mixtapes under his belt, He has no sign of stopping and starting to make a name in the mixtape scene. The College Town USA(Columbia,Mo) Artist has been perfecting his craft Since 1999 and production style speaks for itself with a fusion of East Coast, Classic midwest, and Southern influences. Fetti Flappin Ent is a label he started in 2007 has been gaining a strong fanbase since and is not slowing down by any means. On the production side. He has his own production company " Fetti House Productions" and also runs a studio where his hits are made! TG hit the mixtape circuit hard in 2010 with this "Gas Money" mixtapes and has been consistently releasing since then. He has 13 mixtapes under his belt and is slated to drop a new project each month for 2018. His first project for 2018 titled "Countryfied Vol.2" was just released in January.

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