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    In 2009, Fang-I Liu came to Los Angeles from Taiwan with unwavering passion and courage to further her music career. Los Angeles especially has provided her with a feeling of constant inspiration and great creativity. Upon first impression, Fang appears unassuming and quiet, but she glows when she smiles, and shines with the brilliance of the sun when she takes the stage and steps up to the microphone. She has surprised everyone she has met with her ability and has proved herself through her amazing work ethic, energy and music talent. Fang is not only a talented and creative singer/songwriter, but also plays piano and guitar. She writes and sings in English and Chinese, and her voice has an exciting edge to it. She demonstrates a beautiful soft-like quality in her sound, which has been influenced by strong female singers such as Fiona Apple, Alanis Morissette, Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan. She always sings with passion and allows her honesty and sincerity to shine through, sometimes even moving the audience to tears. Her songs are emotional, powerful and can grab people’s attention immediately. “I don’t want to be a bubble gum singer and nobody can change my mind!” she exclaims, with the stubbornness that has aided her in creating truly authentic compositions. She has just officially released her debut EP ”Confessions” in the US, and all of her original compositions present her true feeling, conviction and creativity. Confessions is produced by Christian Klikovits and AJ Oliveira. It features performances and production work from many amazing musicians: Christian Klikovits/ AJ Oliveira / Ross Bolton/ George Dum/ Dave Collins. The world will surely take notice of this unique, wonderful and exciting new talent

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