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    Occupation: composer, pianist, music producer. Genres: New Age, Jazz-Pop, Electronic. Born in Milan (Italy), where he studied piano and composition, he has been working as a composer, producer, sound designer, pianist and keyboardist in many different music projects. He composed and realised music for short movies, dance music productions, cartoons and advertising. On the path of his research, he developed a personal view, a particular piano composition style, mixed with the use of various technologies and electronic sounds that he likes to define "soundtracks without movies". After numerous collaborations for productions by other artists, he released his first solo project in 2005, an album of (almost) solo piano entitled "The Magic Room". From then, he published several singles and EP's, one of the most interesting and successful was "Gymnopédie No.1 (The Magic Room Version)", a personal point of view of this famous Satié composition, that mixes the original piano part with electronic sounds. His latest work, the single "A Whole Life", seems to point towards more jazzy sounds, while maintaining the lyrical and emotional aspect typical of his themes, with the novelty, after having written only instrumental pieces in his solo projects , of the insertion of the voice in the chorus of the song. Prone to the "soundtrack" style and at the same time in love with all music, pop, jazz, classical and electronic, his music is influenced by many different styles and masters, from Debussy to Morricone, from Sakamoto to Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays.

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