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    Hi, my name is Silver Streak Lady aka Evelyn Nelson. There’s been some very interesting flashes and dashes of devastation along with blessings in my life; I’m very loyal, dependable and a trustworthy person. Among my strongest work attributes are punctual, detailed oriented and perfection. I’m always having a passion to draw out the gifting and talents of others. I’ve been a songwriter since 1988 and a singer since 1964. Between the murder of my biological mother at age 10 while in foster home (never got to know her) and the execution murder of my biological father (an ex-Kingpin) at age 37 my healed heart causes me to sing and encourage others to love and forgive. I enjoy eagles soaring, butterflies, double rainbows in the sky and networking with people in the entertainment industry. Most recently a part of my life story will be shown in 50 theaters across Los Angeles CA, presented by Homeward La. (www.homewardla.org), Enjoying my journey, “too blessed to be stressed!”

 To Blessed To Be Stressed 

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