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    Emerging from the tree lined streets of Campbell California, three songwriters got together with friends and began writing and sharing stories through melody. The origins of The King’s Horses were brought forth by three song writers, Evan Thomas, Mitchell Lujan, and Nina Noir. “Mitchell and Nina are a pleasure to work with and are both great singers in their solo projects”, says Thomas. “I have worked with them in various studio projects in and around the bay area and wanted to corral the many talents into one.” Thus the Kings and Queens rounded their horses and set forth in a journey to bring people together through music and melody. Bio The King's Horses are a Pop/Americana band made of songwriters, Mitchell Lujan, Evan Thomas and Nina Noir. Based out of Campbell California, The King's Horses are a trio that merges floor stomping percussion with acoustic Americana style instrumentation. Songwriters Mitchell Lujan, Nina Noir and Evan Thomas trade leads throughout the trios energetic Pop/Americana style.

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