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    Born 10 February 1993 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Bought first electric guitar (junior edition - very small one) when I was 16. Then I realized that music is my battery for my soul and guitar is my instrument. I spent days and nights playing my favorite riffs and licks. I've learned everything on the internet. Later I started to record music at home, recorded hundreds of ideas for songs and sent to my friends. When I turned 19 I started to study software engineering at Vilnius University Of Applied Science. I became a programmer, had two work places at the same time. Unfortunately there was a music break for almost 3 years, and then I came back for it. I knew that I can't live without songwriting and playing guitar. So at the age of 24 (2017) I built my own recording studio, started learning sound engineering by myself, didn't want to record my music in other studios, its my passion to make it absolutely by myself. If I don't know how - I will learn it. 2017 I started EP Album "Dream Your Pain Away" of 6 songs. I had a really hard time learning all the sound engineering art. Had so many problems, had to learn so much.. and it was hard to understand why some things just don't work. But I kept moving on. 2018 "Dream Your Pain Away" EP Album was finished.

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