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    'Fast and effective composer producing unique content.' 'Eric Eggleston is an artist, mixer and producer who works in many genres.' All of tracks featured on the playlist at this link (https://bit.ly/2wesuj0)  are songs performed, produced and or written by me, Eric Eggleston.  I control these songs and am able to quickly make deals for their use in film, tv & ads. My goal is to create unique productions that people will Shazam and want to hear again! Great advantage from a production standpoint here is that I’m able to remix this catalogue to your specs if you have a flavor in mind. Contact me here: eric@johnnyhallproductions.com A graduate of the "In the Studio with Bruce Swedien Program(engineer/mixer Michael Jackson)" masterclass in Los Angeles, Eric Eggleston has also mentored with Grammy-winning mixer & producer Michael Brauer(Coldplay, John Mayer) and David Kahne(Paul McArtney. the Strokes, Sublime & the Bangles) respectively.

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 Fast and effective composer producing unique content.