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    Hello! I am musician, multinstrumentalist and a composer from Barcelona. I either founded, co-founded or formed part in several Spanish and French bands like Stay, Aleppo Pine, Stereoscope Jerk Explosion and Magma Malone publishing eight records in spanish, french and british indie labels. I've studied graphic design in the schools of art La Llotja and La Massan in Barcelona, my studies in the area of music are first degree of musical composition in the school l'Aula de Musica and several course about Logic Pro, recorded, mixing and mastering in Convent de Sant Agusti in Barcelona. Actually, I'm studing the new online cours Creating Synthesizer Sounds for Electronic Music of Berklee College of Music, in this project-centered course I will create new sounds from the synthesizer and use them in my own musical compositions. Like a multiinstrumentalist I play guitar, mandolin, sitar, electric organ, synthesizer, theremin and bass. Always fascinated by the translation for image and music I've experienced in composing music for the soundtracks. Now I live in Lyon and I'm involved in the creation of music for the image, realizing conceptual music, creating new sounds from the synthetizer, and digging in the experimental music. I 've experienced in makind music for the soundtracks for the artist Laslo and a new electronic music called Witch's Cradle (Maya Deren , Marcel Duchamp - 1943) Inspiration for my work comes mainly from music composers like Terry Ridley, Sun Ra, Klaus Schulze, Tim Blake, Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith and the neopsychedelic sounds of the bands Tame Impala, Boards of Canada and Animal Collective. All of this with an original vision and new synth sounds created by myself. I'm really like collaborate in new audiovisual projects , also I can produce, mix and masterize my creations. Contact by message or: enricchalaux@gmail.com Message me for new projects and private demos. Thanks for having a look!!

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