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    Hello, my name is Emmanuel... They say I am a speedster Listen, I ain't no trickster, I could never keep up the act when I am three stars and facing the facts Usually, you choose a route; life gives you the boot then tells you “Shoo…” Leaves you on a sky-high mission to pursue yo goals, Buh you're like “I am a little bit conflicted on how this should go… On my way to the top, should I make the drop?” Your home niggas, they tabled a deal to save your face when you had nothing on your plate. Hey bitches, why you gimme breathing space to chase my dreams if you think I'm so weird and out of place, But you see I m a crackerjack, I ain’t no paperback, I just need some usher to show me some steps then Imma take it upon myself to keep you on the edge of your seats. Read more on my lyrical banters (rap, poetry, puns...) on www.lyricalbants.blogspot.com

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