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    Born in Chicago’s inner city, from a young age Mak was intrigued by music. With musical talent on both sides of the family, it was inevitable he would embrace the art. As a kid Mak wrote poetry about things he experienced during his childhood. Winning awards and praise for his talents, Mak continued to cultivate his skills throughout his teenage years. After becoming too involved in the Chicago street life his parents decided it was best for the family to move to Kansas City. Once in K.C. an academically sound Mak would still encounter legal troubles trying to cope with an unstable home life and eventually drop out of school. After some time incarcerated, the self-taught Artist/Producer would team up with other young rappers from his apartment complex to start Clip Up Gang. After having some success collaborating with different artists and producers, Mak is currently working on several solo projects as well as other business endeavors.

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