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    Elrico Benjamin Snyman I`m well known for my stage name Mr Netsu .I`m a local Capetian rapper from the local area in Kraaifontein based in Western Cape South Africa. I was born on 03 January 1992 Kraaifontein Cape Town. As Mr.Netsu I`m a songwriter and actor. Mr.Netsu initially gain recognition as a rapper in the hood in Kraaifontein area . I started to rap at a young age 16 .My acting skills began the year 2009 where I attended the Ke Mojo Film Workshop. I made my first album in 2012 Leather Lights. After that Leef en Leer in 2016. I acted in a local film shooted in Kraaifontein Backhome. I also attended a raido interview at radio KC 107.7fm in 2012. Back in the days I use to accompany a group name 38 Deez. I`m currently with a music production named Kayffo Music. I share my taletns on youtube, facebook and Soundcloud.

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