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    Hi my name is Elishama BUBURA and I am from Papua New Guinea. I love making music and writing songs. For me it is not just about melodies and lyrics but about building relationships with people and connecting with them. What I create must leave a lasting impression on someone's life. I know I have a lot to learn and I am willing to hear the opinions and views of anyone who is interested in helping me better my music. I do not have a studio (but I plan to have one in the near future) but I make music using FL Studio on my laptop. I play guitar and keys and drums (not professionally) and have a fair idea of how to mix tracks and create sounds. The genres of music I can make include House Music, Tropical house, Hip Pop, EDM, Trap, and Acoustic works. However I do experiment on other genres like Rock music and classical. If you do listen and like my stuff please shoot me an email and let me know. ONE LOVE <3

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