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    Elijah Grae, originally from the Bay Area, has used his sharp songwriting and producing abilities to land him credits on Jake Miller's "Tell Me You Love It" and E-40's "Red Cup" featuring T-Pain, Kid Ink and B.o.B. He is a former member of hip hop trio, Drop City Yacht Club, whose single “Crickets” (produced and co-written by Grae) has garnered over 10 million plays on Spotify. It is not easy to fit Grae into one box or genre as he has managed to create a unique blend of soul, R&B, rock and hip-hop that is clever and thoughtful but easy to listen to... all at the same time. Citing Peter Gabriel, J. Dilla, Michael Jackson, and Outkast as major influences, Grae’s sound combines different elements and genres to create a wide palette of musical offerings that range from dark and brooding to melodic and breezy. Grae has experienced the highs of having a Billboard charting record and touring the world with the lows of his band breaking up, record label drama and other personal trials like his mother passing away two days before performing "Crickets" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Today, Elijah Grae has evolved into a musician who approaches songs with the wisdom of someone who has “been there” and the sonic bravery of a voice that’s finally found its true footing.

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