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    lay Arson is the synthmetal project of Daniel David Larson; a New Mexico native and Iraq War veteran who was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury as well as many severe mood disorders & left the Army in 2010. After moving to Colorado Springs, Larson began drawing inspiration from the most desolate, hopeless, & dark strands of life in the American West. His music is an expression of his notoriously obsessive nature & the occult, steeped in aggression. Kill All Music first fostered the act in the early August of 2016 when Elay Arson was still mostly unknown. By March of 2017, guitarist Devin Harrison joined the band. Devin, an outstanding guitarist and guitar instructor, added significant artistic and production value to existing work. Devin was initially hired to feature on one track on 'Rites of the Damned'. The two published 16 original songs together that year. Daniel & Devin have been working on music together steadily ever since. Currently based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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 We are the lords of synthmetal. 

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