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    Einen guides her listeners to stop and reflect. Moments, pulled from her experience, are poetically described, blended with wisdom and twined with a pure, sweeping 3 octave range. In her concerts the gentle addition of her Autoharp completes the tapestry. Gentle melodies, philosophical lyrics, additional instrumentation and sound effects create an internal, colorful mosaic of experience on her recordings. Each of her compositions offer a view into the hidden parts of ourselves. The layers of life are exposed: love, loss, and hope. Her voice, a mixture of power and tenderness, captivates her audience who listen with closed eyes, transported somewhere peaceful. "Salve to the Soul" and "One" with the music she performs she provides a feeling of timelessness, of being lost in the moment. Elena R: "Einen’s ethereal singing and playing seems to reach in and induce calm. I always end up in a meditative state when I listen, no matter how much I was churning when I sat down." Bob Corse: "When you sang for us, you went somewhere else, some place beautiful and mystical, and you took us with you. For that we thank you."

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 Authentic. Inspirational. Introspective. So peaceful!