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    I started DJing Around 3 to 4 years ago through my older brother who was a Dj and he pretty much influence me to be part of the dj scene and i’ve always had a passion and some sort of an involvement in both the music and dj scene. Growing up Some of artist and DJ’S that i looked up to that made a massive impact on my music career were guys like Dj Premier and Nas, for me Dj Premier and Nas gave people a real look on what real hiphop Music is all about and the hard work and dedication into being a artist. When nas released his infamous album ILLMATIC which is one of the best albums coming out of new york and having the king of Samples him self Dj premier who is one of the greatest producer of all time. Some of the challenges that i face when it comes preparing for a premier act is dealing with a lot of issues such as dealing with sponsor and getting a venue for the premier act also getting the right promoters for the event as we know it their a lot of shady and dodgy promoters now days. Also getting the mc for the show plus getting the right music equipment for the dj and the mc and making sure that its properly working, Also making sure that flyers are up and getting the promoter on board to promote the show and getting everyone paid on the day of the show. When it comes to hiphop one of the main reason why i fell in love with it was like the story behind every hiphop producers beat, and how it explains to you on what their feeling on the inside and out plus the pain that they fell. And also giving you an insight on what techniques and structure it takes to make a hiphop track, like when you hear the lyricist or rapper flow to the sound of the beat its more than just words its every single struggle that he or she went through to get to this point in their life and how they deliver the message to a world wide audience is the key and the end of the day. Working for WBMC wake up show is such a privilege and a honour because i get to be a co-host with my partner Bas and we play all types of music from r&b to hiphop. We talk everything involved in the music industry plus show people out their on what type of show we do on daily basis and showing that online radio station like wbmc wake up show can make it out their like your big name stations like hot 97 and power 105fm. When i found out that mixtape got played at the Mayweather and Pacquiao i was really shock and in disbelief i never thought all my hard work grinding in the studio and always perfecting my music game that this would happen. I felt really happy and proud of my self that one of my mixtape got played at this after party with major recording artist and big name record labels would take notice of me, i’m just very thankful for this happening to me it just shows you on what hard work and dedication and never giving up can get you ahead in life.

 Never give up on life 

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