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    Dunia Firmino de Sousa Lobo, better known as Dunia Lobo, is a singer and Cape Verdean composer, born June 26, 1975, in Cape Verde. Born within a family of musicians and always surrounded by music of all styles, she showed interest in music and dreamed to sing one day. She took her first steps as a singer, at the University of Coimbra in Portugal, where she was lead singer of a Cape Verdean band "Terra Longe" composed by her collages. After her return to Cape Verde in 2009 she began to sing in hotels and bars, early on, as a hobby and later, in 2011, as a dedicated musician to share and spread the Cape Verdean culture in and out of Cape Verde. Nominee for best female voice 2016 in the Cape Verde Music awards, achieved recently a Certificate of completion in Berklee College of music and participate as Delegate in AME (Atlantic Music Expo) in Praia Cape Verde. The next project of the singer already has a name and provides some unique and original songs. The project mirrors her world as a singer and vision about music.

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