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    Dunc is a Scottish born multi-instrumental musician, singer and composer, raised on the traditional folk music. of Scotland. There was music in the family. There are stories to tell there. Son of a Scottish coal miner, a move to the US of A led to a spell of Americana, then back to his folk and Celtic roots. The journey continues. He now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Dunc has been writing music since the age of 12. He started to get serious about producing it in early 2019 when he parted company with a long-running 9 to 5 that had supported his habit as a musician until then. He started playing guitar at 11 years old and has been on a very agreeable genre-journey since. From his roots in Scottish folk music, he visited pop, rock, Americana, Celtic and most recently, his own unique blend of those. His music speaks from the heart, of people, places and emotions encountered along the way. His first solo album, “The Road To Destiny” was released in 1999, followed by “McLauchlans Celtic Brew”, recorded with his multi-talented wife Glaucia in 2005, and now, his most recent offering, “A Different Flag”.

 Creating the dream, one song at a time.