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    As an artist and producer I Alejandro L Laffita-Delgado ‘’DroiDroBeats’’,’’7Kont3nn3nt” or DroiDro .I appreciate and respect the commitment of your time to listen to my extraordinary one of no kind of project production in the heavens below so called celestial.Thank’s to everyone and everybody across the the planet and off the planet (QL) for tuning in my crazy but like or not like most aka rare production skilled processes in creativity and art.Bringing to not just me but to the world and all the surrounding the enjoy droidrobeats music aka 7kont3nnent...POSITIVE IMAGINATION AND REALITY AUDIO CONSTRUCTION 'I'm integrated in music in theory (QL) and A positive {Shakespeare} poetry writer In depth with characteristics and character.As Harmonys,Rhythems,Grooves and…………etc,music the lives through me name and categorize myself as an intrumements of instruments (ding)-QL-,in other words I called My Sound Immersive Transitional Soundscapes."I’m a Producer" that's versatile Knowledge, my experience arrangement in knowing Music,Incorporating rhythm within sound as artist with one of unheard kind of tunes and melodies.I demonstrate myTalents AS MYSTERIOUS Unique Aggressive Intense Groovy Jazzy Hardcore and Romantic for the ladies and gens as well and all ages Just Press Play And Enjoy #droidrobeats #droidro #abstractartist #instrumentofapoet #7kont3nn3nt #cuban # baracoa

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 musican/Producer/Song writer