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    In my life I have been through many struggles and have worked plenty of jobs and I also have had lots of job opportunities. Through my studies and research I have learned that working for someone is only making the person I am working for rich and I am a slave to what we call "MONEY". I have learned to let money work for me and not me work for it. I have learned to mind my own business and not someone elses business........meaning working for someone else. I have learned to only purchase assets and to stay away from liabilities or even to turn a liability into an asset. With some of this being said, I love to network with people who are about reaching goals and building wealth. I am open for new learning and networking with people in new industries. Where a profit can be made..... we can be made. The more good people that we have in our network willing to take risks and work harder and smarter to achieve Financial Freedom, the better quality life our network will have. I am a retail trader in the stock market and I also have a t-shirt business. I make custom t-shirts and also sell t-shirts with my own personal designs. I also have a recording studio that I use to create music and audio educational recordings on finance, business, economics, and marketing. I am also willing to teach people how to trade in the stock markets for an extremely low fee. I am experienced in trading the stock market indexes and have receipts with real cash balance statements. I have been taught by even more experienced traders who are professionals and have worked for financial institutions. My knowledge is extremely valuable and I have acquired this knowledge from highly educated people including college instructors. I AM ALL ABOUT MAKING MONEY. You can contact me at 219-873-4700. Or E-Mail me at romanempirerecords219@yahoo.com. Find me on Facebook at Dro Roman. Daniel Roman

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