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    To all who likes the lyrics to my song but not the music. It has been recreated with a different beat. Please check it out and it will be out for licensing . Hello and thank you for checking out my profile page. First and foremost I would like to thank God. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here. Secondly I need to definitely thank my beautiful wife Darla. She is my #1 fan and I love and cherish her very much. I have been on here for over a year now and I enjoy the services here. I have had 8 of my songs licensed some 2 times each. The licenses are worldwide from the UK to Canada to the United States. My music has been heard in over 38 countries and 49 states so far. I enjoy writing and singing my music. I try to write a new song each week. I have just finished more and the first 2 songs off my Next Album are on Here which are Country Fight and Beaches of Paradise. Please check out all my links that I have added in here also. I am now also working with SWC and ITNS Radio to promote meand find me shows. If you are interested in booking me please contact them directly. youtube.com/c/DonaldMiclette artistecard.com/DonaldMiclette www.donaldmiclette.com www.facebook.com/DonaldMiclettesMusicEmpire Thank you for checking out my site and my music and i hope you have a great day.... Thank you and enjoy Don M

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