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    Born into a musically gifted family, 5 generations of professional Bass players all with big shoes to fill. Born Donald G Eldridge, but professionally known to some as Donald Brown, to still more as Dahn Brown, and finally the latest of re inventions would be DAHN B.....The richness that is our heritage as a family is now being continued onto generations beyond myself, and in media that is not considered to be traditional. The Christian/Gospel/Rhythm & Praise group "HIGHEZPRAYS", is just such media formed by myself and my youngest child Joshua. At this stage, (comfortable in my own skin...lol), I'm happy to be in such a fertile environment musically with my sons (Donald Jr & Danyelle). It is truly amazing when your children can teach and embellish your craft in ways you never imagined. Joining Songtradr is a sort of pushing all my skillsets to another level. A level that I pray will bring as much joy to the listener, as it does to this Artist... ~ DAHN B ~

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