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    I go by the name of Dohlo Blunt and I am an Hip Hop and R & B artist from South Florida. Being from Atlanta Georgia but raised in Fort Lauderdale Florida really trained me to be the well rounded artist I've grown to become. Fueld by hardship and will, I gravitated towards something I can freely express myself in using my expertise and being loved for what I have to offer. I resulted to the music without second thought just knowing I would stand out from the typical rapper and bring a more powerful presence to any cultural environment. I'm currently in preparation mode for one of my most anticipated projects up to date titled " Preparing 4 Paradise " which unfortunately was pushed back due to some deep difficulties. Far from removed, I continue to work even harder and remain as consistent as possible dropping back to back mixtapes for my current listener's and new listener's as well. I hope you adjust and tune in to the constant growth project for project.

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 TRp with me as we Prepare 4 Paradise