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    I like listening to and making electronic beats, I generally like to stick to genres trance and EDM music. In 2019 I launched a YouTube channel to promote new electronic music online called 7R4NC3MU51C working in partnership with Studio Sounds Radio. My love of electronic music like Trance, Techno, Drum and Bass, and Breakbeat goes back to my youth growing up with Amiga's and Pro Tracker to make music with and listening to stuff off the Aminet with coder demos too. I got into going out clubbing in the late 90's and early 2000 during my college years, and loved nothing better than listening to the latest music on the radio. I created the Digital Music Network back in 2015 as a channel for me to share my mixes online along with working with other artists and sharing their work for promotional purposes too, briefly running an Internet Radio station to play new electronic music and DJ shows for a year via the Radionomy platform. Prior to that I had been making mixes of electronic music since around 2010 under the name DJ_404 (A name I chose as I work as a web developer). In 2019 I started producing tracks on YouTube and SoundCloud under the name DMN: in reference to the Digital Music Network, however I discovered that there is a rap group called DMN from 1989 so I changed it to DMN:Z to avoid conflict. My preferred style tends to be fast and hard with solid beats somewhere between Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, and Trance.