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    -Our Style- DJ Mar N Dean have always classed their music as experimental or a fusion of multiple genres and styles to come up with unique productions in their musical works its a style that has helped them grow a large library of over 600 songs with one publisher and as they enter new platforms they plan to expand their music releases for many more opportunities. -- -Our Team- The production team consists of Composers: Dean Barrett Micheal Barrett Judith Whittaker. -Our Production Workflow- Each of us have unique styles and approaches to music production and it adds variety to the musical compositions we release, over the years our music has had many placements in film, sports events & T.V network content. so we find it best to work individually and connect with each other once the works done and offer feedback editing and remixing to get the best versions out. -Our Commitment- Our Team currently have multiple projects running at this time so our releases here on Songtradr are mainly produced by Dean Barrett & Micheal Barrett during the early stages as more work is uploaded we hope to have the full team onboard with an even wider range of tracks.

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 Producing EDM, Chillout, Dubstep & Experimental Electronic Sound. 


Micheal Barrett